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Monday, 30 January 2012

AJL 26

congratesss winner.
i am so happy wid da result.it is not like last year...

here are the winners...

1)kategori persembahan terbaik - alyah kisah hati...(ala-ala music box performance)
2) kategori vokal terbaik - hafiz af7 awan nano.

third place goes to KARMA Faizal Tahir...good job n performance.please don't make it ur last kemenangan k??

second place gehört zu 3 Suara with beribu sesalan.a good song...but it is a competition...

juara lagu AJL 26 is milik hafiz awan nano...lyrics n music by M.Nasir n Budi(dont remember the name)...

yeaahhh!!!!all winners are the best!really sattisfied..

p/s-broken english as usual..maapkan saya!
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

let's plan a holiday.

with rm 400, where can i go???




backpacking is the best idea rite.

no money , no travel...who says??

can meyh...

budget : RM 400

hotel/motel/bed n breakfast = rm 60 3d2n.
journey = rm 150++
touring/activities = rm 100
shopping (souvenirs) = rm 50
extra = rm 40

so, wait for my next post...travelling with rm 400 only.hihi.


aku anak pahang!!