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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Colours of 1Malaysia 2012 frhkhn's edition.

i just want to share my moment during my first experience...
enjoy dude!!~

ru and that girl.

im in the full-costume with one of my teammate...~aisy~

our 3 Kpop girls...hihi...kowang meletopsss sgt~

see!!how colorful we are during that night!!!

u can only see my back~hihi...

right after performance~oucchh...sorry for the awkward face expression.

we had met Khatijah Ibrahim while waiting for abang bas...

while waiting...we gone wild and crazy!!

alhamdulillah...after a very tiring and intensive latihan . we succeed to perform in front of the crowd...a moment to remember.. 19 May 2012.
 we are one of the Musical Performer.  in collaboration with professional dancers from MBPJ, a group from UiTM Shah Alam, akaks n abangs from i dont know where...we had a very satisfied performance...at least for us.
we are the first among all performance...cuba bayangkan betapa nervousnya i at that time.huhu.
i am not a poet.so,i dont know how to write jiwang2 to express my feeling...but i have one thing, that i want to share with you all.
~I hope that the friendship among us in Citrawarna will never die~
it is not easy to make friends.so, i wish that we can continue our friendship okayhhh??paham x mak hayammm sekalian?hihihi.bnyak perasaan yang terlibat sepanjang citrawarna ni...jatuh cinta, jatuh kasih, benci, sayang, meluat, annoying, menyampah, geli semua ada...but we are Friends..ok?

p/s-xde gambar berdua  dgn dia...o0o0ppsss...xde gambar tym menari pon =(
p/ss- o0opssss.terjatuh hati pada yang x sudi.
p/sss- ignore my grammar... #ohmyenglish


Fakhruru said...

hahahaha!! rah! rah! thanks jdi pneman ru spnjng ctrwrna (^__^)v siyesly, u can dance!!

farah hairuddin said...

seriously??can i dance?hahaha...tayah tipu lah ru.step pon xhafal...btw, thanks for the memories!

Fakhruru said...

bnda smua boleh bljar kot rah.. even though kyu2 ka apa ka, but u put a lot of efforts into it ^^


aku anak pahang!!